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Our expertise in hydrogen compression technology has made us the leading provider in China, with over 30 years of experience.We are proud to have over 2,000 units running successfully in various hydrogen applications, delivering an outstanding combined installed horsepower of over 2 million.

·hydrogen cracking (methanol, natural gas, gas)

·hydrogen production by water electrolysis

·hydrogen filling

·benzene hydrogenation

·tar hydrogenation

·catalytic cracking

·other hydrogen boosting processes


Advantages of MN Gas Reciprocating Compressors

  • Maximum Range

    Maximum Range

    To cater to a wide range of inlet pressures and flow combinations, we offer over 100 options to choose from.

  • Highest availability

    Highest availability

    The design of our MN compressors aims to reduce downtime and maintenance requirements. Additionally, each component can be dismantled and repaired individually without causing any disruption to the functioning of other equipment.

  • Lower vibration level

    Lower vibration level

    We minimize vibrations by employing a rigid frame design and balancing the rotating and reciprocating masses.

  • Direct Connect

    Direct Connect

    Direct coupling between compressors and engines results in over 5% reduction in consumption compared to transmission belt systems.

  • Forged steel crankshaft connecting rod

    Forged steel crankshaft connecting rod

    The use of forged steel for crankshafts and connecting rods provides maximum resistance.

  • Constant lubrication

    Constant lubrication

    Our compressor has a pump that ensures proper oil flow to both ends and lubricates the tri-metal bearings that support the crankshaft and connecting rods.

Prepared in accordance with either local integration prerequisites or specific client requirements.

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